New York cosmetic surgery, the best face lift!

New York is world class for finding the best face lift!  But, the cost of cosmetic surgery is very high in NYC.  If you're willing to pay a lot of money then New York plastic surgery is an option for you!

This is a list of the best face lift surgeons for New York cosmetic surgery!  You should visit each of their websites and see which doctors you like the best.  Or, if you have the money then you can get a consultation with each of them.  * Be warned, consultation fees can cost up to $200 dollars and these are only refundable if you get the plastic surgery.


Dr. Rizk  -  WEBSITE

dr rizk


Dr. Andrew Jacono  -  WEBSITE

Dr Andrew Jacono


Dr. Amiya Prasad  -  WEBSITE

Dr Amiya Prasad


Dr. Philip Miller  -  WEBSITE

Dr Philip Miller


Dr. Halaas  -  WEBSITE

Dr Halaas


Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj  - WEBSITE

Dr Oleh Slupchynskyj


Dr. John E. Sherman  -  WEBSITE

Dr John E. Sherman


Dr. Marc S. Zimbler  -  WEBSITE

Dr Marc S. Zimbler


See which of these NYC plastic surgeons you like the best.  Good luck in your search!

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